Frequently Asked Questions

Our Shipping Rates
While shipping costs such as freight and fuel costs, supply costs, and labor are increasing significantly, we are doing our best to keep the cost as low as possible for our customers.  At this time, we offer a flat rate shipping of $8.99 for most of our products.  We predominantly ship via FedEx and the minimum one pound package delivered to a residence in our same zip code will exceed this $8.99 shipping cost we charge!  There are some packages that we will ship out via USPS, predominantly those that are lightweight and can fit in a box/envelope that is less than 12” on any side.  If you use a PO Box as a shipping address for an item that has to ship FedEx, we will contact you for physical street address.  There are a few easy to mail products that we will offer free of shipping charges and those are designated in the product description.  Please know we dislike shipping charges as much (if not more) than you and we will do all we can to minimize these for both of us!
Our Shipping Times
Please keep in mind that virtually every product we sell is personalized and stocked by us.  We do our best to maintain enough staff to ship within 2 business days, most any time of the year.  If any item has longer than a 5 day ship time, it is noted in the product description.  This typically is for our cutout jewelry or wood home décor monograms and on occasion a few apparel pieces.  If for some reason (holiday time), our shipping will be longer than 5 business days, we will post a special notice on our home page and our Facebook page.
Predominantly, everything we sell is personalized…that is what we love and what we do!  Obviously, we cannot resell an item that has been personalized and therefore, we do not accept returns unless an error has been made on our part or an item is defective.  If this is the case, we will happily send out a replacement for the same product.  Please know that every personalized product requires a computer or embroidery file set up and therefore, on defective products we will not be able to accommodate changes to designs. ***Cell phone and tech device cases:  Some cases are purely decorative, while others offer some protection to devices.  Our descriptions are designed to provide a general indication of level of protection.  We have sold thousands of cases and have employees that have dropped their phones on several occasions.  We have yet to hear that the Tough Case hasn’t protected a phone.  However, common sense tells us that nothing is perfect.  We offer no guarantee or warranty with the purchase of any device.  We will warranty the cases for sixty days from manufacturer defects and printing.  We have had a VERY few number of cases (less than one-half a percent) with a defective adhesive, and this is usually seen within the first one to two weeks.  Warranties are not intended to cover dropping the case. If hitting your head on concrete can cause a concussion, it certainly can crack plastic…though we sincerely hope neither would happen!!! Nor is damage caused by prying both pieces of our Tough Case off at one time.  (Please see our Cell Phone Information page for detailed proper instructions and/or our video on removing and installing these cases.)  I, personally, have used a case for my iPhone for 8 months that I can still show with our “samples” and no one knows it is not “new” until I tell them…and I have dropped my phone on occasion!  While nothing is perfect, I can honestly say that I only want to sell products that I believe are to be of great quality for a fair price.  I want my customers to talk about our great customer service and to feel confident in honest, reasonable expectations from us and our products and hope for the same from our customers.
Privacy Policy and Mailing Lists
We would love to occasionally send you updates to new sales and products.  Quite honestly, we would like to say we do that more than what we actually do.  However, the reality is that we tend to post this information on our Facebook page more than email.  You can be assured that we will never inundate your email inbox with obscenely frequent emails.  I, personally, find myself unsubscribing from companies that send out emails every day or even every week, which is kind of counterintuitive to the goal, now isn’t it?  I WOULD MUCH RATHER BE THE COMPANY THAT IS KNOWN FOR FABULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE THAN SENDING EMAILS EVERY DAY TO WIN YOU OVER! It should go without saying, though we will say it for added emphasis, that we will not sell, give away, rent, barter, loan, or exchange any of your information to anyone else for any reason.  Period.  End of story.

With every product that can be personalized, we have tried to include images to show all font styles available for that particular product.  Please make sure that you review the fonts and EACH letter in your name/monogram.  Once personalized, we are not able to accept cancellations or returns.  If you have any questions, please email us at or include them in the “Special Instructions” box with your order.  In addition, it is very important that you include a daytime phone number and/or a valid email address when you place your order.  It is the only way we can contact you if WE have any questions.

Thread Colors

We have included a thread chart for all items that are personalized with embroidery.  Computer monitors vary from brand to brand and therefore, we cannot guarantee an exact match to what you see.  However, please keep in mind that we have, literally, hundreds of thread colors.  If your product has a ribbon embellishment, and you select a certain color that is represented within the ribbon, we will use the “match” that we have for that particular ribbon.  If the ribbon has, for example, two shades of pink and you select “light pink” we will match the lightest pink versus a darker pink.  Again, if you have any questions or particular requests, please include them in the “Special Instructions” box on your order or email us using the “Contact Us” link or


We do our very best to include a sizing chart with all apparel.  In addition, we will note fabric content so you can make the best possible judgment on sizes and shrinkage.  Please contact us prior to ordering with any questions.